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ArkansasIDEAS connects K-12 educators with quality, ADE-approved professional development and educational opportunities, as well as a wide range of trainings on multiple platforms, thousands of classroom resources, and state and national initiatives, such as STEM and TESS.

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The second Science of Reading course is now available

The Science of Reading

The second course of the 18-hour learning path The Science of Reading is now available, with new courses in the learning path rolling out periodically over the next several years. Produced in response to the Right to Read Act (Act 1063 of 2017), The Science of Reading connects what we know from neuroscience about how the brain learns to K-12 instructional classroom practice.

Hosted by ADE Assistant Commissioner of Learning Services Stacy Smith, the learning path will consist of 18 hours of PD presented by experts in scientific reading instruction. Taking all eighteen hours in The Science of Reading learning path is one of the ADE-approved ways for Arkansas educators to develop an awareness of the best practices of scientific reading instruction.

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